"Fallen Angel"

TV Drama

Director: David Drury 
Producer: Dave Edwards 
Starring: Emilia Fox, Charles Dance, Clare Holman, Peter Capaldi, James D'Arcy & Sheila Hancock

4min Cutdown from 3 x 90 min TV Mini Series
"The Roth Trilogy"
, a three part thriller, shown in reverse chronological order of the story, 
"The Four Last Things", "The Judgement of Strangers" and "The Office of the Dead".

"....... the high quality production values of the gorgeously lensed Fallen Angel are no exception, as the visual look of the film.... make it appear on par with a cinematic feature film that’s just as upsetting in its beauty as the series’ icy sinister Hitchockian blonde murderess."
Jen Johans Film Intuition-DVD Review