"The Paradise"

TV Drama

Starring:  Joanna Vanderham, Sarah Lancashire, 
Emun Elliott, Stephen Wight, Matthew McNulty, David Hayman

Dir: David Drury (Eps 2, 3 & 8)
Dir: Marc Jobst (Ep 7)
Prods: Sue Hogg, Simon Lewis

35min Cutdown from 4 x 90min Episodes (Eps 2, 3, 7 & 8)

* Award Nomination for the Guild of Television Cameramen Awards 2013 (Ep 2)

“…The mood of the cinematography matches beautifully the luxurious period the program is set in. The lighting is beautifully and masterly controlled and subtle on the interiors. The exteriors, again, have a wonderful period feel that adds immensely to the quality of the production.
Great use of lenses, angles and overall a wonderful reflection on the contribution of the cameraman”
Guild Television Cameramen

The Paradise narrative is inspired by Emile Zola’s novel "Au Bonheur des Dames" which was set in Paris during the second half of the nineteenth century.