"We Are Monster"

Feature Film

Trailer for 90 min Theatrical Feature Film

Director: Antony Petrou
Producers: Dean O'Toole, Jean Pierre Magro, Noel Clarke
Writer/Producer: Leeshon Alexander
Unstoppable Entertainment & Terra Rossa Films

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Password: Monster2022

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*Nominee Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature, Edinburgh Film Festival 2014

“….while the miasmically unwholesome atmosphere is emphasized by Simon Richards' cinematography: the sickly glow of institutional lighting renders skin tones sallow and even the air itself seems redolent of stale tea bags…..”
Hollywood Reporter

"This is a confidently hypnotic film with strong cinematography by Simon Richards who delivers excellently framed shot composition and masterful control of light.”
People Movies

"…..We Are Monster deserves note for its spirited rejection of the obvious, naturalistic narrative path, and Simon Richards' cinematography has considerable style and elegance."

Film List.co.uk

“….aided by some coolly crafted images by DoP Simon Richards
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